This Pack Contains 100gm Of Loose Blended Tea Packed In Our Own Packaging Ajanta Tea.

Ajanta Tea Premium is a rich and unique blend of Assam ctc Mix with Darjeeling leaf tea.

It is enhanced with both strong liquer of ctc tea and sweet flavour of darjeeling tea.

Milk and Sugar are usually taken to prepare this tea for best results.

A type of black tea, Assam tea is known for its tart, malty flavour, vigorous body and bright colour. 
It is more commonly known as breakfast tea, or Irish breakfast tea. As it stems from black tea, the leaves 
a picked of the camellia sinensis plant. The name of Assam tea comes from the area of which it originated in India, 
close to the borders of Bangladesh and Burma, along the Brahmaputra River. The Assam region is known as the largest 
tea growing region in the world, with a very long season.